• hŭrr·i·cane


    The name ‘hurricane’ came from the lamp - a beacon of light to guide you through the storm. The eye (i) of the storm has traditionally been associated with a quiet place in the midst of chaos.
    Origin: 1545–55;  < Spanish huracán  < Taino hurakán

    hi, we’re brand and
    packaging designers...

    so, what can
    we do for you

    we are...

    We’re a design consultancy

    We are brand packaging designers and innovators

    We’re especially good at bringing together the best of product and graphic design to create brands with meaning and longevity. Structural packaging is at the heart of what we do – it’s in our blood and plays a major role in how we approach all aspects of our work.

    We’re lucky - we’ve been doing this a long time - we count the decades, never mind the years and we’re as proud of our earliest work as we are of the work we did yesterday.

    Over the years, we’ve come to realise that size does matter - yours, that is, not ours. We’ve seen what design can do for the biggest and the smallest. We understand the difference between steering a tanker versus a speedboat and relish the different challenges they bring.

    Our biggest client is the biggest client there is.

    Our smallest is a farmer.

    And everything in between.

    size matters...

    we believe...

    Brands must serve a need and bring meaning

    It’s not enough to just look good – there should be a reason for why it looks the way it does

    packaging is a bit
    like a blind date...

    We like to think of a brand as a conversation between two people. It creates a tone of voice and describes how we’d like to think about them. Conversations grow and become relationships, but they need a beginning. And if this is the case, then your packaging is a bit like a blind date.

    Yes, over time, we uncover layers, and discover more of the character as our association with the brand grows. But in that first instant, that moment, you need to put out the signals that start the conversation.

    So, how do YOU want to be seen and what do you want to say about yourself?

    how do we approach our work?...

    We’d love to say we had a thing, a mantra, a unique piece of insight that we applied rigorously to absolutely everything we did

    But the truth is we don’t.

    Not that we haven’t thought about it. Oh how we have pondered it all

    Our approach is both very simple and very complicated. Simply put, it’s just us, getting to know your brand, what makes it tick, where it is now, and responding to it. It’s complicated since we have to re-invent this for each project. One size doesn’t fit all.

    So how do we do it?

    We have a toolkit that’s well stocked with techniques and processes; from the 10 questions we ask to build your brief through our understanding of consumer behaviour and the retail shopping environment, running workshops, 3D cad, in-house prototyping and 3D printing.

    Does that mean we lack a unique proposition? You be the judge of that. We believe that when you look for a design consultancy you will tick the relevant boxes about experience, expertise, the fit, and then you will decide with whom you get along best. It’s back to the first date, blind or otherwise.

    You’ll get a feeling in your stomach and if we’re the right one, you’ll know it. And that’s unique.

    it's complicated - one size doesn't fit all...

    we've done...

    they say...


    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate our partnership.  Your lasting commitment, wonderful creative synergies and agility make it a pleasure to work together, not to mention they are of tremendous value to our new venture projects.’

    Saskia Goeteyn, Coca-Cola

    ‘I knew when I recommended Hurricane to marketing that they would be delighted with your work and team, the sheer volume of successful projects speak for themselves and I hope that this success can continue into the future. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on these projects and I hope that one day we will be able to work together to produce yet more stunning pieces of packaging.’

    Greg Bentley, Oriflame, Packaging Manager (Also Sara Lee and Coca Cola)

    ‘Hurricane have not only delivered to the brief for our gin that we gave them but have project managed the entire process for us, ensuring that every component part of our brand & product is spot on and more than we could have hoped for. They add incredible value, go well beyond the call of duty and have delivered way beyond our expectations. They are, without question, the best I have ever worked with in their field.’

    Mark Dawkins, Charter Brands

    ‘After being recommended, Hurricane has not only achieved our aim and exceeded our expectations, but also developed a very close and strong working relationship. As the Stag Bakeries brand and products grow we will continue to work together, as we can be assured honesty, innovation and a desire to ensure an end product that we trust 100%.’

    Jenny Burton Sales and Marketing manager Stag Bakeries



    The name ‘hurricane’ came from the lamp - a beacon of light to guide you through the storm. The eye (i) of the storm has traditionally been associated with a quiet place in the midst of chaos.
    Origin: 1545–55;  < Spanish huracán  < Taino hurakán

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